Start sketching!

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Sketching in Quebec City is easy!  

Whether you live here or are just travelling through, sketching is a fantastic way to record your experiences in la belle ville. Artists and sketchers of all skill levels are generally welcome to sketch in most parts of the city.

Suggested sketching locations in the heart of the city:

  • Plains of Abraham and other parks
  • Petit Champlain and the boardwalk along the St. Lawrence river
  • Vieux-Porte Marché (Old Port Farmers Market); best sketched outdoors in summer, as it is very busy.
  • Musée de la civilisation 
Note: If you go indoors, particularly at a museum, it is a good idea to ask permission before pulling out your sketchings supplies.

Don't want to sketch alone? Here are three alternatives:

  1. Lessons and workshops: I offer personalized lessons and workshops for individuals and small groups interested in sketching on-location. I offer options for 1-3 hour sessions, during which you'll learn sketching basics and make at least one "travel sketchbook" style entry. You'll practice adding colour and text to your sketches, too. In no time, you will be on the way to filling up a sketchbook of personalized artwork highlighting your memorable moments here in Quebec City. Contact me directly to schedule your personalized Drawn to Quebec sketching session.
  2. Join local sketchers during public sketching events. I invite you to join the diverse and friendly group of locals who regularly organize group sketching events. You're bound to make new friends and learn something new. 
  3. Click here to join the Drawn to Quebec mailing list.  You will be notified of upcoming group sketching sessions, workshops, and other local sketching activities.

Who can sketch?

Sketching on location, sometimes called field sketching or urban sketching is for people of all languages and skill levels.  You may be a professional artist, or have never done anything deliberately artistic before in your life.

The main idea is to sketch what you see, when you see it, from real life. Beyond that, there are no limits - you may use whatever materials you have handy, and whatever sketching style suits you. Sometimes, a quick scribble is all it takes to capture a moment. Other times, you may choose to spend hours getting all the details of a scene exactly right.

Read 'What's the big idea?' for more about why I'm such a fan of urban sketching, and why I manage this website so you can connect with others who enjoy sketching, too.

When & Where?
Contact me directly for details about personalized workshops and lessons, or visit the calendar for info about upcoming activities.