My name is Bethann Garramon Merkle, and I am an illustrator, photographer, and wordsmith. While my specialty is science and sustainability communication (visit www.commnatural.com for details), my passion is sharing the fun of sketching with people like you!

I split my time between Quebec City and Montana, having moved to Quebec City several years ago. After the initial culture shock, I found my footing and fell in love with the city the only way I could - through drawing. 

Welcome to the online space where we can collectively be Drawn to Quebec.

Drawn to Quebec is several things:

Are YOU Drawn to Québec?

Along with other local sketchers, I help organize group sketching sessions, at various locations throughout and around Quebec City. These activities offer a casual environment in which to sketch or even learn to sketch. If you are new to working on-location or outdoors, this is an ideal way to try your hand at nature drawing and journaling, architectural sketches, etc.  Join us to get in on the fun!

"Sounds neat, but I don't think I'm an artist..."

I am convinced that absolutely anyone can produce a sketch which is visually stimulating, and personally satisfying. That's why I lead workshops and teach lessons to anyone that wants to try it out.

More importantly, everyone sees the world in a unique way, and we can learn a lot as visual artists by being exposed to others' styles. Still uncertain? Read 'What's the big idea?' to learn what motivates me to invite you to try sketching.

Location sketching

My illustrations and workshops are inspired by Quebec - the historic architecture, grand parks, nostalgic rural lifestyles, and expanses of wild country.

I emphasize sketching on-location, often en plein air (outdoors); around >90% of my illustrations and sketches are made right while I am looking at what I'm drawing.  While my work may be paintings, sketches, or even digital drawings, my workshops and lessons focus on pen, pencil, and coloured pencils.

For more about sketching on location, check out Urban Sketchers International, of which I am a member.