31 October 2014

Sketchbook Snapshot: Sketching the world around you

"Everyone can sketch, even you. It could be argued that humans are born with the 
ability to draw. Archaeological records indicate that drawing was the first visual 
representation method. However, modern drawing basics are learned, not innate. 
Fundamental skills, techniques, and knowledge of different media (ex: watercolours, 
pencils, pen and ink) can be taught, practised, and improved upon. Combine 
childhood aptitude and basic drawing instruction, and anyone can learn to sketch."

I really do believe that, which is why I am so enthusiastic when explaining why I carry a sketchbook everywhere I go. And, why I love teaching people how to sketch what they see around them.

Whether it's your pet, your cup of coffee, or the amazing places you see when you travel, sometimes a few lines on a page can create an evocative image that outdoes all your photos. Here are a few examples, some from students, and others from my own sketchbooks.



For lots of ideas and more information on why I think you can draw, too, see the QCT article or my sketching guide (right column). 

Happy sketching and let me know how it goes!

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