10 January 2014

Next Sketchcrawl: January 25th at Musée de la Civilization

Please see the following for information on the next Sketchcrawl:
(English version translated by B.G. Merkle & Google)

Hello friends,

To start the year in style and warmth, the first 2014 Sketchcrawl (42nd worldwide and the 7th in Quebec) will be held at the Musée de la Civilization, which kindly agreed to welcome us.  See this link for current exhibitions: http://www.mcq.org.

For architecture lovers, the great hall and stairs offer something to enjoy. This will also be one of the last opportunities to enjoy the Paris exhibition.  Bring your notebooks and your stool and a small lighting device (it is dark in some rooms).

We hope to see you Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 10am to 4:00pm. We plan to eat our lunches together, at the group tables downstairs near the entrance. There are microwaves available to us, and there is also a cafe/restaurant in the museum.

Free for participants: While free entrance is usually available only from 10am to 12pm on Saturdays in January and February, the museum has generously offered free access to sketchers who will join us in the afternoon.  You need only identify yourself as part of the sketching group. The cloakroom is also free.

Looking forward to having the pleasure of drawing with you soon,
Yvan and Céline

To see pictures of previous attractions in Quebec , see the following pages:
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 ---------------------EN FRANÇAIS---------------------
Bonjour chers croquistes,
La prochaine sortie de croquis du 42e Sketchcrawl à Québec aura lieu au chaud du Musée de la Civilisation samedi le 25 janvierprochain.
Nous nous retrouverons à partir de 10h (accès gratuit).

Pour plus d’information, voir l’annonce à la page suivante :

Au plaisir de faire du croquis en votre compagnie.
Yvan Breton et Céline Poulin

Pour admirer les images des sorties précédentes à Québec, voir les pages suivantes :
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39e Sketchcrawl, 2013-04-13, Traversier Québec-Lévis
40e Sketchcrawl, 2013-07-13, Fortifications de Québec
41e Sketchcrawl, 2013-10-19, Marché du Vieux-port de Québec

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