22 March 2013

Spring SketchCrawl on the Québec-Lévis Ferry

Credit: B.G. Merkle, Carnival canoe races 2013

Hello sketchers!

Céline and Yvan have organized another great location, based on a great suggestion from Larry.  See below for all the details.  Les détails sont aussi disponibles ici, en français.

Credit: B.G. Merkle, 2011
By April, there may not be much ice,
but the river is always interesting.
DATE: Saturday, April 13, 2013
TIME: 1:00 PM (13h00)
LOCATION: Québec ferry dock - ferry leaves from Quebec City at 1:00 PM, so come a few minutes early.
COST: $3.10 to board the boat; once aboard, you can make several trips for no additional expense. If you have an RTC bus pass, that will also get you on the ferry.  

POSSIBLE SUBJECTS: Quebec City, Lévis, landscapes, characters, equipment, boat, etc..


  • We can draw inside or outside on the decks.  Be sure to dress for the weather - it is usually somewhat windy on the river. 
  • There are toilets and vending machines for snacks and coffee.
  • If there are any changes to the SketchCrawl plans, they will be posted here: Quebec City SketchCrawl - April 13.

From Céline Poulin & Yvan Breton:
"We hope many of you will be tempted to come sketch the beauties of the city and the renewal of spring!

You do not have to confirm your attendance. But if you do, we will be able to look for you, to ensure you can join the group on the ferry!

Looking forward to the pleasure of drawing together!"

Credit: B.G. Merkle, 2013 - Looking back
at Quebec City as the ferry docks in Lévis.

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