21 January 2013

"Alined" with local history

We met for the afternoon at the Musée de l'amérique française, which is the oldest museum in Canada, and spent most of the time sketching in the chapel.  The location is a former seminary , and the chapel is exquisite, complicated, and challenging.  We were nearly 10 in number, with several new-to-the group sketchers, and most agreed we should come back and take another shot at sketching the chapel.

The local newspaper, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, ran a short piece about this outing, as well as another one last July, about our summer 2012 SketchCrawl.

Most of the sketches have  been published on the SketchCrawl International forum: Quebec City Résultats.  Below are a few 'teasers.'

Sketch shows approximately
HALF the height of the chapel.
Bethann G. Merkle, 2013

Sketches by Larry Marshall, 2013.  Sketch on the right is the "other side" of the top right photograph, 
in which Larry is looking out the window while making this very sketch.

Sketches by Natalie Pavey, 2013. 
Natalie focused on the art deco light fixtures
and other embellishments in the chapel.
View more sketches from this session on the SketchCrawl forum for Quebec City.

Following sketching, several of us took advantage of generous offer of free access to the museum exhibits, and enjoyed a show about Renée April, a renowned Hollywood costume designer, and another about historic French-Canadian impacts across North America.  All information in the museum is presented in both English and French, enabling visitors of many language backgrounds the opportunity to fully enjoy the exhibits.

The museum is free on Saturday mornings, before noon, and we would encourage folks to check it out.  The staff was very friendly and accommodating to sketchers, as well.  Our sincere thanks to the museum personnel who approved our group's activity, and particularly to Madame Diane Roy, who made our afternoon at the museum so pleasant.

*If you have sketches from the SketchCrawl (or the museum from a different time), please feel free to share them with us.  Please email attachments to Bethann at drawntoquebec@gmail.com, or share a link in the comments below.


  1. Great post, Bethann. Sure was fun, wasn't it?

    Cheers --- Larry

  2. Merci Bethann!
    C'était très agréable grâce à la présence de tout le monde!
    Je vais publier les dessins demain.
    À bientôt

  3. Thank you, Larry. Yes, it was. :)

    Merci Céline. J'ai hâte de voire des autres dessins. Je vais placer un lien ici, pour diriger de monde vers ces autres.