15 July 2012

Announcing: Monthly Group Sketch Themes!

Bethann G. Merkle, 2012;  sketched while
"scouting" the area for the 14 July SketchCrawl.
Yesterday, there were twelve sketchers happily grouped together, recording various parts of the Plaines of Abraham.  We had a great time, and there will be at least one blog post, soon, about that event!

In the meantime, while sharing our sketchbooks yesterday, we discovered that several of us have all sketched the most visible defense tower located on the Plaines of Abraham.  Someone proposed doing a group blog post with all the different sketches of the tower, and...taaa daaa...the group theme concept was born!  See below for all the details.

Monthly Sketch Theme
July Theme:  Defense towers on the Plaines of Abraham
Submissions due: 31 July 2012
All skill levels are welcome!

Why?  Because it is a lot of fun to see how different people view, represent, and describe the same subject or location.  And, of course, this is just one more way to encourage group sketching.

What?  Sketches can be drawn using any media, and from any angle.  Any sketch made prior to 31 July is will be accepted, including sketches made 3 or 23 or even 63 years ago!  So, if you know someone who used to live here, or even came and visited, and sketched one of the towers, encourage them to send in an image.  Photos of you sketching a tower, or of your sketch and the tower, are also encouraged.

To make a submission:
  • Please submit images digitally to drawntoquebec@gmail.com no later than 31 July 2012.
  • Scans or photographs are okay, in JPEG, TIF, GIF or PSD formats.
  • A link to an image on Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, etc., is also okay, as long as we can download a high-quality image, save it, and use it in the blog post.  
  • If the image is poor-quality and difficult to see, we may follow-up and request a higher-quality image.
  • Please include a sentence or two about your experience, what captured your attention while sketching, etc.  Stories help bring these sketches to life!
  • Please note: All sketches will be included in a group post in early August, and artists will be fully credited in the post.  No fees will be charged, and no money or other awards will be given.  
Yvan Breton, 2012; sketched during the 14 July SketchCrawl.


  1. What a great idea. Here's mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/larrydmarshall/7578324284/in/photostream

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