31 May 2012

Parc Samuel Holland

Parc Samuel Holland is a little "pocket park" situated right on the corner of two fairly busy streets - chemin Ste-Foy and avenue Holland.  We met there Tuesday evening (May 29), despite the impending doom (a.k.a. thunderstorm and rain) forecast by Weather Canada.  It was 100% overcast, and quite windy, but the weather held while we were out sketching.  Tonight, we focused mainly on techniques for drawing trees, with some divergences into picnic tables, fallen leaves, and various other park-ish subjects.

A sheet with tips related to sketching in the field was provided, and will be posted here soon.

See the results below.  View the CALENDAR for info on upcoming sketching sessions.

Leaf sketched off-site by another group member.
N. Pavey, 2012

We met at the gazebo, and wound up
sketching near it all evening.
Explaining all the things one notices while doing
blind contour drawings of any given subject -
in this case, one of the park picnic tables.
One of the blind contour picnic table drawings
M. Basille, 2012
A maple leaf study sketch, using the technique
of sketching the mid-rib and veins first, then adding
in the details and the margins of the leaf.
B. Treggett, 2012
First drawing, "beneath" primary sketch, was a demo
of blind contour.  Sketch on top was 1st attempt
to "fit" the tree onto the paper.  The notes describe
the weather, and make corrections to the sketch.
B.G. Merkle, 2012

Second attempt at small chestnut tree,
with emphasis on accurately representing
the young tree's structure and proportions
B.G. Merkle, 2012

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