08 May 2012

Mount Hermon Cemetery sketches

We met at Mount Hermon Cemetery, which was founded in 1848 in response to the need for a larger, local, Protestant cemetery.  It ws named for a sacred mountain mentioned often in the Old Testament, located between present-day Lebanon and Syria.

Today, it is a non-denominational, non-profit organization which has been cared for by the Treggett family for five generations.  The current superintendent, the 6th Treggett to steward Mount Hermon, and one of the caretakers are both members of our group.

They encouraged us to visit the cemetery for a session, and we thoroughly enjoyed the tidbits of history they shared.  Their insider perspective helped us look at the cemetery as a chronicle of the city's past.  Our efforts to reflect this are posted below.

C. Losier, 2012
B. Treggett, 2012

N. Pavey, 2012
T. Phibbs, 2012
B.G. Merkle, 2012


  1. Thanks Bethann, that's a great summary of our evening out at the (most beautiful)cemetery (in the province)

    1. Thanks to you, Tim, for suggesting the location! I would not have thought to ask, but now I know where to go first for future sessions.