02 May 2012


  1. What is Drawn to Quebec? It's a weekly illustrated column, workshops and lessons, a website, and a way of thinking about sketching the world around us. For more about Drawn to Quebec, visit the About page.
  2. I don't do art.  Can I participate?  Drawn to Quebec isn't about art.  It's about enjoying the process of making a sketch.  If you don't think of yourself as an artist, that's perfectly alright. I maintain that the basics of drawing are learned, not inherited. Anyone can make a sketch that is visually stimulating and personally satisfying. Want to know even more about the Drawn to Quebec philosophy? Click here for the 'big idea.'
  3. What kind of stuff do I need to do this?  Is it expensive artsy-smartsy stuff?  You need something to draw on, and something to draw with.  A pencil and a napkin would suffice, in a pinch.  Pick a tool that you are already comfortable with, such as your favorite pen from home.  And, pick something it writes well on.  For example, if you bring newspaper to draw on, you might bring thick black markers or thick paints, so you can see your images over the newsprint.
  4. What language(s) do you speak?  The people who gather to sketch in Quebec City speak all kinds of languages!  I've met people who speak French, English, Spanish and more.  That being said, my columns and workshops, this website, and associated email updates are written in English.  
  5. What is urban sketching?  The short answer is, drawing on location in a human-influenced environment.  For a much more detailed explanation, see this YouTube video by a well-respected architect, urban sketcher and professor or visit www.urbansketchers.org.
  6. Okay, I'm convinced.  How do I get started?  Contact me to sign up for a workshop or personalized lesson or visit the calendar to see when the next public sketching activity takes place.

Still have questions?