27 March 2015

Sketchbook Snapshot: The Northwest Territories Connection

"Although the Northwest Territories are more
likely to be lumped with "the North" than 
"the West" technically, Tulit'a - a small Dene 
First Nations community of some 500 
inhabitants I visited in March - is farther west 
than most of the United States and Canada."

27 February 2015

Sketchbook snapshots: Evergreens

In the case of February's piece, an editor and I were trying to figure out how to weave together a 'green' theme (in anticipation of Saint Patrick's Day) and some insights into how the natural world deals with winter. Hence, a column on evergreen plants and their adaptations to winter.

30 January 2015

Sketchbook snapshot: Culinary New Year celebration

Just as spring has multifaceted and deep-rooted traditions, so does the concept of the New Year. My January 2015 column in the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph focused on one of the better-known celebrations not associated with the Julian/Gregorian calendar we adhere to today.

The Chinese New Year falls between January 21 and February 20. Notably, the 'Chinese' New Year is not exclusively celebrated by Chinese, as it is indeed the Lunar New Year celebrated by a great many cultures.