15 May 2015

Updates & Snapshots

It's been a little while since this blog was updated, but not because anything's happened to slow down the column. Rather, I have at least one new outlet (!!!) and am looking for more. That's keeping me busy enough that most of my updating has happened on the now-master-site for the column: www.drawntothewest.com.

Head on over there for plenty of recent content on the following topics:

As always, thanks for reading!

27 March 2015

Sketchbook Snapshot: The Northwest Territories Connection

"Although the Northwest Territories are more
likely to be lumped with "the North" than 
"the West" technically, Tulit'a - a small Dene 
First Nations community of some 500 
inhabitants I visited in March - is farther west 
than most of the United States and Canada."

27 February 2015

Sketchbook snapshots: Evergreens

In the case of February's piece, an editor and I were trying to figure out how to weave together a 'green' theme (in anticipation of Saint Patrick's Day) and some insights into how the natural world deals with winter. Hence, a column on evergreen plants and their adaptations to winter.