30 August 2014

"Drawn to History" workshop on September 11!

I'll be leading a workshop on the synergy between art and science in a couple of weeks! If you're in Quebec City and want to join us, scroll down for all the details.

Looking for a workshop near you? Visit my website (www.commnatural.com) and check the calendar for upcoming workshops, or contact me to schedule a workshop in your area!

Polyphemous moth (02.2014)_sig

Drawn to History: Exploring the synergy between art and the natural sciences.

Turn back time to an era when art and the natural sciences were inseparable!

Frog in pants_v4_rs_wmJoin local artist Bethann G. Merkle for a rare event held in the Morrin Centre’s Victorian-era science lab.

Following an illustrated talk with special emphasis on local natural history and scientists, you will enjoy a series of facilitated sketching and observation activities.

Bethann will teach you how to record your observations of nature specimens using a combination of sketches and notes.

29 August 2014

Sketchbook snapshot (August 24-31 ): Sketching billy goats

What comes to mind when you hear the word goat?
  • Billy goats trying to cross the bridge in that classic fairy tale? 
  • Delicious goat cheese?
  • Stubbornness
  • Wild mountain goats leaping about on mountain peaks?

All those stereotypes aside, picture a goat all dressed up in a royal uniform, participating in the solemn Changing of the Guard. 

Sound crazy?

22 August 2014

Sketchbook snapshots (mid-August 2014): Fishy business and how to stay outdoors even when school starts

Whew! August has been busy, and most of my sketches have gone directly into the column. Now that the end of the month is upon us, though, I have a few "out takes" to share.

The first week of August featured bees in all their buzzy glory
Click the image to check out that week's blog post,
which includes a couple of bee sketching tips!

The following week took readers swimming through the complexity and importance of eating sustainable seafood.

Though there wasn't room in the column to mention it, the large green fish
was one I sketched at the Quebec City aquarium. The line drawing of a pile of
mackerel was made while out on a fishing trip in early August.

Try sketching fish while they're still moving!

Like many subjects in nature, the more closely you observe the fish, the
more subtle colours you're likely to notice.  These mackerel were a lovely
range of silver, gold, green, blue and rose, though they appear
mostly gray-green and white on first glance.