15 December 2014

Artful Giving

Christmas cactus_color_flip

While I am a firm believer that anyone - even you! - can learn to sketch well enough to produce artful drawings, I understand that not everyone wants to give their own work as gifts.

Indeed, over the past year, I have received countless queries – from workshop participants and organizers, students, and friends – all with an interest in purchasing my artwork.
So, I’m delighted to share this news with you. This December, for the first time ever, a limited selection of my illustrations and natural history observations are available for purchase! See the following gallery for the images that are available. Only mugs and tote bags have text on them. Fine art prints and greeting cards are image-only.

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details & to start shopping.

28 November 2014

Sketchbook Snapshot: From La Rochelle to New France

Although 5,177 km separate Quebec City and La Rochelle, France, the two cities have had a close connection for 406 years. Champlain had likely sailed from the La Rochelle port more than once prior to the fateful 1608 departure that led to the founding of Quebec City.

The November 2014 column in the QCT highlights Champlain's home port, and provides loads of detail on what the city was like in his era. And of course, since I was lucky enough to spend two days exploring the city in September, the article also details some of the sights modern visitors can enjoy. Below are a couple of additional sketches I did while soaking in the sensation of walking in Champlain's footsteps.