02 November 2015

Looking for local sketchers in Quebec City?

There isn't an official Urban Sketchers International group in Quebec City, but there is an active and fun group of people who get together and sketch all over the city and the region. 

Your best bet for connecting is to check out the following:
1. Croquistes de Quebec 
2. Collectif des Ateliers Libres en Arts Visuels de Québec

There is a lot of cross-over between these groups, and in both, there are people who speak English, French, and a number of other languages.

15 May 2015

Updates & Snapshots

It's been a little while since this blog was updated, but not because anything's happened to slow down the column. Rather, I have at least one new outlet (!!!) and am looking for more. That's keeping me busy enough that most of my updating has happened on the now-master-site for the column: www.drawntothewest.com.

Head on over there for plenty of recent content on the following topics:

As always, thanks for reading!

27 March 2015

Sketchbook Snapshot: The Northwest Territories Connection

"Although the Northwest Territories are more
likely to be lumped with "the North" than 
"the West" technically, Tulit'a - a small Dene 
First Nations community of some 500 
inhabitants I visited in March - is farther west 
than most of the United States and Canada."