25 July 2014

Sketchbook snapshot (July 20-27): Ceramics created with fire

I've been visiting exhibits at the Villa Bagatelle regularly since I discovered it shortly after moving to Quebec City.

The quaint little house on the far northwest corner of the Domaine Bois-de-Coulonge is one of my favorite galleries in the city, thanks to its staff's sophisticated curation of art and history emphasizing Quebec artists. 

18 July 2014

Sketchbook snapshot (July 12-19, 2014): Botanical garden highlights

When the opportunity arises (waiting in line, waiting for someone at a coffee shop, having an impromptu picnic), I sketch. 

Some weeks, I wind up with far more sketches than we can fit into the column. Here are two from last week that didn't make the cut.
This little chipmunk kept dashing past me, distracting me from the flowers in the botanical garden. I can't recall the local French name for a chipmunk, but it's a wonderful-sounding word that sounds like how a chipmunk bounds and dashes about. 

11 July 2014

Big news! Drawn to Quebec has evolved...

Drawn to Quebec has evolved beyond anything I could have imagined when I set up this website several years ago. At the time, I had just learned of urban sketching and had recently launched my first sketching workshop in Quebec City.  

The original header image for the first version of this website.

My vision for www.drawntoquebec.blogspot.com was that it would serve as a source of information and inspiration. The whole idea was to curate and share information and resources for folks like me who were looking for information (and other sketchers) in English. 

Ultimately, the website wound up serving as a bulletin board, connecting sketchers to various activities other sketchers are organizing.

But now, Drawn to Quebec has 
evolved into something more.